Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose

December 18, 2021

Duck Duck Goose is a radio play written by the students of The New World Children's Theatre.  Hank and Iris Amore, Aaron Gardener, Annie Fridy, Eleanor and Nick Amodio.

Writing Coach:  Jexo aka Jeff Ingram

The play begins in a park in Cedar City along the banks of the Cedar River.  The Ducks and The Geese are playing an innocent game of Duck Duck Goose, when a mean goose named King Steve decides to break the rules.

Suddenly, the war between the ducks and the geese begins!  The ducks are determined to open up the blockade of the Cedar River so they can travel freely to the ocean to go fishing.

The geese are determined to prevent the ducks from fishing in the ocean and they want to eliminate them if possible.  There are double agents, mac and cheese cannons, and a green bean energy drink that gives the soldiers superpowers. 

And just when the outcome seems inevitable, Jorge, a character with a blue mohawk and no eyebrows, and who may, or may not, have legs, escapes from Area 51, and flies into the battle scene!

Will Jorge save the day?  Will Jorge begin a new era of domination by aliens on planet earth.  Will Rico the blind rat, save the ducks from extinction?  Tune into Duck Duck Goose and prepare yourselves for a most wild ride...


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